Board priorities

The Hillingdon Safeguarding Children Partnerships has agreed priorities for 2020/2021 that will focus the work across all partner agencies. The priorities are reviewed at each board meeting and reported on in the annual report.

The priorities this year are: 

  • Neglect
  • Early Help
  • Safeguarding Young People
  • Children with Complex Needs and Disabilities
  • Child Sexual Abuse

 The Safeguarding Partnership also has shared priorities with the Hillingdon Safeguarding Adult Board:

  • Modern Slavery
  • Joint Strategic Safeguarding and Trafficking

 Each of the areas listed has an identified multi-agency group of professionals that is tasked with progressing the agreed action plan and developing effective and robust safeguarding arrangements for Hillingdon children and young people.   This work can include a variety of strands including the development of a multi-agency strategy, quality assurance of existing practice, or system building within the safeguarding network.   The subgroups/task and finish groups report to the Safeguarding Partnership Board on a quarterly basis to ensure timely progress and effectiveness in work plans.