Stronger Families

Please note this page will be regularly updated.  

Hillingdon Council launched a pioneering new way of working across its social care services in August 2021, to enable teams to intervene early and ensure that local families have fast access to a wide range of support services around the clock.

The council has redesigned its offer of early help and prevention for families, and teams will adopt a multi-agency, locality approach to support children at the earliest possible stage by working closely with partners across Hillingdon in services for young people.

The new Stronger Families service will enable teams to engage families earlier and provide long-lasting solutions to ensure a safe, stable and nurturing environment in which children, young people and parents can thrive.

The introduction of a unique Stronger Families ‘hub’ will offer information, advice and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The hub is one of the first of its kind and will be a single point of contact for all professionals and residents, with a dedicated email address and phone number and one single online referral form. 

Families can now access the vast majority of children’s services via the Stronger Families hub, which may include a concern for a child’s welfare, access to parenting advice and support, or questions regarding special educational needs or education. The hub will also deal with adult social care concerns reported out of office hours.

All Professionals in Hillingdon can also use the hub as a single point of contact for advice and support, which could include reporting concerns for a child’s welfare or requesting support for SEND, Early Help or adolescent services.



Stronger Families