The Child Death Overview Panel collects and analyses information about the deaths of all children in Hillingdon. The agreed model of working under North West London Child Death Review is available in the downloads section of this page.

Child Death Overview Panel

Child Death Overview Panels (CDOPs) were established as a statutory requirement of Working Together 2010.

All LSCBs are required to have suitable CDOP arrangements in place. These arrangements include:

  • A rapid response by a group of key professionals who come together for the purpose of enquiring into and evaluating each unexpected death of a child;
  • An overview of all child deaths (under 18 years, excluding those babies who are still born) in the LSCB area undertaken by Panel.

The overall principles are that in all cases enquiries should seek to;

  • Understand the reasons for the child’s death;
  • Address the possible needs of the other children in the household;
  • Address the needs of all family members, and also;
  • Consider any wider lessons to be learnt about how best to safeguard and promote children’s welfare in the locality in the future. 

All families should be treated with sensitivity, discretion and respect at all times, and professionals should approach their inquiry with an open mind.

Hillingdon Local Safeguarding Children Board

The CDOP in Hillingdon is chaired by the Director of Public Health. The CDOP has agreed terms of reference, rapid response procedures and CDOP procedures.

A manager has been appointed to organise and manage all processes relating to the Rapid Response and the CDOP. Hillingdon LSCB receives regular reports about the numbers of children whose deaths have been deemed to be preventable and of any action which has been taken to prevent future deaths of children, which include environmental changes, multi agency training and policy changes. The CDOP also ensures that important safety messages are delivered to the public through media, leaflets and posters.

Suzi Gladish
CDOP Manager for London Borough of Hillingdon
Phone: 01895 277463

Julie Gosling
CDOP Co-ordinator for London Borough of Hillingdon
Phone: 01895 277855
Secure Email:

Designated Doctor for Child Death – The Hillingdon Hospital

Dr Jide Menakaya
Phone: 01895 238282 and Bleep 5501