Sub committees

There are currently two LSCB sub-committees which meet quarterly. Membership of each sub-committee is multi-agency and each sub-committee has terms of reference which is reviewed annually. Work which was previously carried out by the Case Review sub-committee and Learning & Development sub-committee is now picked up by the Operational Board.

Performance and Quality Assurance

This sub-committee oversees the performance and quality framework which has been agreed by the partner agencies of the LSCB.

The work of this sub-committee also includes developing audit tools to enable partner agencies to effectively monitor safeguarding arrangements within their own agencies (e.g. section 11 audits).

Another key aspect of the work of the performance and quality sub-committee has been to develop a data set which picks out the main national indicators for safeguarding children, as well as the local ones which are relevant in Hillingdon. This data set has been built into the two year business plan of the Hillingdon Local Safeguarding Children Board and will be reviewed on an annual basis as part of its business planning workshop.

Meeting dates:


  • Thursday 23 February
  • Thursday 18 May
  • Thursday 14 September
  • Thursday 9 November


  • Thursday 8 February
  • Thursday 3 May
  • Thursday 6 September
  • Thursday 8 November

Joint Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults arriving through Heathrow Airport (JSSAT)

This sub-committee is unique to the Hillingdon LSCB and its aim is to continue to strengthen the partnership that we have with Heathrow Airport and the Local Authority and other partner agencies. Operations at Heathrow remain a priority for children’s social care who support Border Force Officers in preventing child trafficking and potential victims of FGM being taken out of and returning to the UK.

A close working relationship between Heathrow, Boarder Force and Children’s Services is crucial in enabling the agencies to work together to support unaccompanied asylum seeking children who arrive at Heathrow.

The sub-committee now includes information regarding vulnerable adults travelling through the airport and therefore we have representatives from adult services.

Meeting dates:


  • Thursday 23 February
  • Wednesday 19 July
  • Wednesday 11 October


  • Wednesday 24 January 
  • Wednesday 25 April