Learning from Practice

The Safeguarding Partnership is committed to continuous learning and improving local multiagency practice to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.

Learning from practice is relevant to all practitioners working with children and families, and for the government and policy-makers. Understanding and identifying systemic issues, and whether and how policy and practice need to change, helps improving the systems that protect children.

Learning from multiagency safeguarding practice seeks to prevent or reduce the risk of serious harm impacting children and young people. The focus is on practice development, learning from good practice and disseminating wider system learning to practitioners that work directly with children and families. The commitment to quality assurance of local safeguarding practice promotes a culture that:

  • is open and honest 
  • is proportionate and avoids hindsight bias 
  • identifies and addresses systemic practice issues 
  • supports and challenges safeguarding partners to make continuous improvements to practice.

Where Hillingdon Safeguarding Partnership undertakes a Child Safeguarding Practice Review the report will be published on this page for the period of one year from the date of publication.   If access is required to a Review after this period has passed please make contact with the Safeguarding Partnership Team. There is a national repository of reviews maintained by the NSPCC.