Celebrating Equality and Diversity

February – LGBT+ History Month 

LGBT+ History Month – Is the formal website in the UK to celebrate LGBT+ History Month. The website contains numerous resources including information about activities taking place during LGBT+ History Month.

March – International Women’s Day

 On the International Women’s Day website are resources and guidance about the day and a wide range of other useful information.   

October – Black History Month

The Black History Month UK website contains a wealth of information. This includes information about online and in person events, that are held across the country to celebrate Black History Month.

November – Disability History Month 

November is Disability History Month. The website UK Disability History Month has information that promotes awareness of disabilities, including hidden disabilities and impairments for example, ADHD and other neurodiverse conditions.  

Other useful websites include: 

Contact – for families with disabled children 

Learning Disability – Down’s Syndrome – Williams syndrome | Mencap 

Home | Disability charity Scope UK

November – International Men’s Day 

International Men’s Day websites covering topics and resources about men’s health, identity, loneliness, isolation, togetherness, camaraderie, men experiencing abuse and many more issues.   

International Men’s Day 

International Men’s Day in the UK